Why Do Girls Wear Those Napkin Things?


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Show me the ihe images how a girl puts napkins in her underwear
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Yeah, okay, first of all the "hbso" guy has no idea what he's talking about. Women wear those "napkins" called pads so that the blood from their period doesn't leek onto their underwear and all over their pants. A woman's period isn't controllable. It's not like pee, where you can hold it and it just comes out when you go to the bathroom, it's constantly leaking out of the vagina until it's finished. Women also where tampons which are like a cloth lined stick thing. It's inserted into the vagina. Women's vaginas also discharge mucous but not as heavily as a period. So women wear panty liners which are to small to use for a period but are perfect for catching discharge.
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  It’s necessary because if a woman did not wear a breast napkin than she is transparent and, if guys wear gym tight shirt they look beautiful their chest look great. There are some reasons behind wearing Napkin which is listed below:
1. To remain protected from any type of liquid (a blood which comes from vegina in periods)
2. To look beautiful.
3. To remain out of fear
4. Some use a simple cloth or “Stay free Secure”(used in India, a type of Napkin) to go here and there.
You will get some idea when you think about yourself why you wear “Under wear” under paint, trouser, etc.
(Thanks for the quest, Good bye!)
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Girls wear "those napkin things" (they are called pads) so that their underwear will not get covered in blood that comes from somewhere in the pubic area. Always worn during a period. Another option is a tampon.

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