Why Girls Wear Sanitary Pad?


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Girls wear sanitary pads in order to absorb a female's menstrual flow when it is time for her cycle to occur. Manufacturers produce a number of various styles of sanitary pads for a number of reasons such as overnight wear.

  • How to wear them
It is important that a girl knows how to wear a sanitary pad, especially if it her first time. Firstly you need to ensure that all the packaging has been removed. The majority of pads have a thin and easily removable package that pulls off quickly. Also, with some pads there is a thin paper liner in the middle once you have unfolded the pad. Make sure that this is removed. Following that you should press down the pad with the adhesive side on the bottom in the liner of your underwear. It is important that you put it in the centre and if the pad has wings then you should wrap then around the outside of the bottom of your underwear.

  • How to find the right one
For young girls that have just started their period then it may be difficult to find the right ones. In order to do this, the best way is to compare on what styles are out there. As I mentioned above there are a number of different variations such as pads that have wings and others that don't. Also, there is an option of having thin pads or thicker pads. You can purchase ultra-thins which offer more comfort because they are not as bulky, and this is usually what is used by teenagers. You could also go online as some providers offer help when selecting the right sanitary pads. For example, and have certain product selectors on their website.
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How to wear a Sanitary Pad?

Go to the toilet and pull your trousers, skirt or whatever your wearing Then pull your underwear down, spread your legs apart a little bit and peel of the backing paper and put it in your under pants
If they have wings wrap those around the underpants and place the pad down below(your bottom private part).
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Because they get their period or menstrual cycle. This is the bleeding of their sensitive area. It is a way of telling them they can have a baby.
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Because the girl have period .man will wear to if they h\ave period.but now the boy can wear pad

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