What Is The Percentage Of Obese People In Spain?


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Obesity is a serious public health disorder found in most developed countries including Spain. According to Elena Salgado the Spanish Health Minister over 38 per cent of Spain's adult population was overweight by 2005. The problem had reached such alarming proportions that the Spanish government announced plans aimed at reducing obesity amongst the citizens especially children.

The Mediterranean diet consisting of fish, olive oil, vegetables, fruits, pulses etc is considered one of the healthiest in the world. However the ever increasing proportion of processed foods high in salts and saturated fats that is finding its way into the local diet is being blamed for the phenomenal rise in obesity.

Spain's initial "get healthy and lose weight" strategy is a collaborated effort between the health ministry, local government, food companies and the food and leisure industry. How effective it turns out to be is something only time will tell.

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