Why Do Obese People Go To The Beach And Wear Next To Nothing Which Is Nauseating At Best To Look At? Is There No Shame Or Pride Anymore?


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It takes all kinds of people to make up the world and some just don't take the time to shop at manufactures or stores that cater to X or xx, xxx size people but as a friend you should encourage them to dress appropriately, I know obese people and they dress in clothing that accent their size and look gorgeous when dressed in what ever they wear be it swim wear or bedtime, there are companies that do cater to them it may cost a little more, and their are those that know no store for shopping except walmart or Kmart that do not sell suitable clothing for the plus size woman nor man, so part of the fashions we see is because a person is cheap, to cheap to spend that extra $ to make them look their best, and most large people have pretty faces, reminds me of the Norbit movie when the wife went to the water park, she did not look like she had on bottoms to her attire and they had to ask her if she was wearing bottoms, but back to friends helping friends....the best to you
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First and for most people are people it takes all kinds of people to make up this world and if someone is comfortable enough whether big or small to take their clothes of so be it what makes you think someone that is skinny has the right to parade with next to nothing on why can't a big person feel the same and if this offends you then maybe you should stay off the beach.
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Face it auntie...large people are not pleasant to look at, especially with less clothing on. If that weren't so, there wouldn't be a multi billion industry based solely on weight loss.
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It all depends on whos doing the looking and the point isnt about whose looking you have a right to look at whom you like but that doesnt mean that an obese person doesnt have the right especially those that are comfortable enough to wear what they choose because its not society that they are trying to please. They go to the beach to enjoy the sun , the water and enjoy themselves and i know that there is a lot of girl watching as well as guy watching but arent we all out to have fun in the sun.
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I don't think that is the case, it's a matter of growing up and being told that you shouldn't worry about what other people think about you. You are your own person, and no matter what,....

This is what people are told when growing up now. This is their individuality, who you are, your identity, and it's up to you what you do with yourself, and what makes you feel good about you, and who you are.

Hope this helps.
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It is really nauseating to look at plus its just plain scary lol

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