Could Drinking Too Much Wine Raise Your White Blood Count? What About White Wine?


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Research shows that any alcoholic drink (whether white wine, red wine, or a different alcoholic beverage all together) will affect your white blood count.

How drinking wine can harm your health
Wine is a drink made from fermented grape juices. It's alcohol content per volume is usually around the 12-14% mark.

Whilst this might not sound like a lot of alcohol to be taking in, over-indulging in any alcoholic beverage will have catastrophic results on your health - and specifically your white blood cell count.

How alcohol affects your white blood cell count

White blood cells (or leukocytes ) are the cells responsible for protecting the body from infection and the presence of foreign bodies.

They are basically what make up our immune system.

Drinking too much alcohol will deprive the body of nutrients that it needs for feeding and maintaining your white blood cells.

This will cause your white blood cell level to drop - leaving you more prone to infection and disease.

To add  to this, if you drink too much you are likely to do damage to the lining of your stomach or even your liver. Battling any potential infections caused by this damage will also put a strain on your immune system.
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Sibyl Zoe answered
Yes, it has been scientifically-proven that drinking too much alcohol can increase the white blood count.

White wine and red wine are considered to be beneficial to the heart if taken in moderate quantities.

They have flavonoids that reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases by reducing LDL cholesterol production, boosting HDL cholesterol production and reducing blood clotting.

In this respect, red wine is better than white wine.
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Kyoko Katayama answered
Drinking too much white wine (or any alcohol) hurts your liver and raises the level of your liver enzymes.

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