Will you gain a lot of weight from drinking whole milk?


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You will gain weight buit not a whole lot is thats what youre trying to do here, and if even if it did, without exercise, it will turn into fat
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shadow fighting answered
Whole milk is a good source of calcium and 1 glass a day is sufficient.
But what makes you fat is not milk it is everything else you are eating plus milk.
I think it is more important to eat lots of fruit including greens, vegetables and nuts.
Because these foods are have in calcium protein and minerals.
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If you look at the nutritional facts of whole milk you will see that it contains both fat and sugar.  I wouldn't recommend anyone to drink it.  It's the dairy lobbyists who try to push milk onto us to drink.
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Farmers were drinking milk long before dairy lobbyists came around.
alex miller
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Dairy farmers are represented by the lobbyists. Of course the farmers drink milk.

If you were a cattle farmer, you'd have more beef than you could eat and then hire someone to sell it to the public for you.
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Yes you will as it will contain a lot more calories than semi-skimmed milk for example.
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I'm not sure but I ALWAYS drink milk and it's good for your bones and it contains alot of calciium

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