Is Etg Urine Screen Used In Harris County Texas Probation Office For Alcohol Consumption?


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If you have committed a crime in the state of Texas, in the county of Harris, you may very well be subject to a urine test for alcohol consumption, depending on what your offense is. If your offense is alcohol-related, you can count on being asked to submit to a urine test each and every time you visit your probation officer.

Texas is a state that is well known for being tough on crime. The state executes more inmates than almost all other forty -nine states combined. If you are convicted of a crime in Houston or Harris County that involves drugs or alcohol, you will first be evaluated to determine how much of a risk you are to re-offend. If this is your 2nd or more offense with alcohol or drugs, it is a certainty that you'll face drug tests on at least a monthly basis or more. If this is your 1st offense, and you grade out as someone who is not likely to re-offend, you will probably face a drug test in your first two or three visits to your probation officer. If you pass these tests, you may not be tested again during the duration of your probation unless you are accused of another crime involving alcohol or drugs.

In addition to a monthly drug test, you'll be faced with a breathe-analyzing device on your car or truck. You will have to breathe into this device in order for your car to operate. If the device detects alcohol on your breath, the car will cease to operate and your probation officer will be notified of this. You may also be forced to wear an ankle bracelet that tests your body for signs of alcohol or drug use.

The bottom line in Texas is that if you are convicted of a crime involving alcohol, you can count on facing a drug test.
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I drink habitually, refrain the night before, and have passed all of my tests for probation
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Most likely they use the 10 panel drug screen.
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Yes, ETG Urine Screen used in Harris County Texas Probation Office For Alcohol Consumption when required. This test is in actual not beatable by any test and shows the accurate results.

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