How Do Use Rescue Detox Ice?


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Rescue Detox Ice is a product that is designed to flush all toxins out of your system. It has most likely been designed for the purpose of ridding your body of detectable medicines or substances that could come up on a drug test, probably a urine test. Instructions on how to use this product will either be stated on the back of the box that it came in or in an information leaflet inside.

Make sure that you read all the instructions thoroughly before using this product and follow them exactly.

Rescue Detox Ice contains an advance detoxifying formula that acts as a fast and strong liquid cleanser that is designed to cleans toxins out of the human body.

Rescue Detox Ice is only recommended for certain people:

• Weigh under 200 pounds.
• Only have low to moderate toxin levels.

The manufacturers of this product recommended that, in order to get the best results, Rescue Detox Ice should be used with Rescue Detox Pretox.

Both of these products can be bought from the website available through the following link:

However, there is not always a guarantee that products such as these will work, particular because the methods that are used to screen urine for drugs nowadays are very thorough and advanced.

• The urine is firstly split into two smaller samples.
• One will be screened using immunoassay.
• If this one comes up positive, then the second sample will be used to verify the first findings using gas chromatography - mass spectrometry (GC-MS).
• If the first sample comes up negative, then the second sample is generally not tested.

If an employer or company has requested that you take a drug test as part of your interview, then they can ask for your urine to be checked for particular drugs if they have a reason for showing concern.

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