I Have An Exposed Nerve In A Broken Tooth And The Pain Is Really Bad From The Nerve. What Can I Take To Stop The Constant Pain From The Exposed Nerve?


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There are many home remedies for easing the pain in the tooth caused by an exposed nerve. Taking over-the-counter pills can also relieve the excruciating pain from an exposed nerve.

Be sure to keep in mind that these remedies will not work permanently. You will have to see a dentist eventually.

In the meantime that you do not get to see the dentist, you can use some of the remedies below:

Oil of cloves is a great pain reliever for tooth aches. A drop or two of this oil on the affected area will ease the pain.

Gargling with salt water will ease up the pain a bit.

Using a mouth wash to gargle can also help relieve the pain of the tooth.

A dampened regular tea bag can also help in relieving a tooth ache. Tannin, a natural ingredient in tea, can help in subsiding the pain of the tooth.

Chewing leaves of a guava tree is another simple and effective home remedy for the tooth ache.

For immediate relief from the tooth ache caused by an exposed nerve, putting a garlic clove will help a lot.

Application of an ice pack on the cheek will also help in relieving the tooth ache.

A mixture of turmeric powder in mustard oil applied on the tooth is another remedy.

A few drops (3-4) of vanilla extract will also help in the relief of toothache.

A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil is also said to relieve toothache.

A pain reliever like acetaminophen or aspirin will also relieve pain of the tooth for a while. You can also use Paracetamol.

Sometimes a food particle gets lodged in the chipped tooth, and when it comes in contact with the nerve ending, will cause a lot of pain. Brushing teeth and gargling with water after every meal will help in reducing the chances of this happening.

All the remedies here are for temporary relief and only the dentist will be able to restore the enamel, of the chipped tooth of which the nerve has been exposed, by filling it.

If the tooth's nerve has been damaged, the dentist will remove it and root canal will be done.

Brushing and regularly flossing teeth will prevent tooth aches and keep teeth healthy, so make sure that brushing and flossing are done on a regular basis.
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There is a wax or compound that is sold in the drug store that will stick on your tooth and cover that exposed nerve.  If you can't find it in the dental supplies section of your drug store than ask the pharmacist.  I lost a crown on a trip and was not only in agony from the exposed nerve but the jagged tooth was cutting into my tongue and cheek.  I found this stuff at Walgreens.  It really works! I went about three weeks before I finally got in to see my Dentist.
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What can I put in a big hole in my back tooth that will kill the nerve????I don't want a a short term fix.I want to kill the nerve.
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There is a compound they sell over the counter at the drug store that is like a paste the you can place over a broken tooth and it acts like a plug you would get at the dentist when they put a temporary cap on a tooth as if you were getting a crown. I am not sure of the name but have used it myself and it is fairly good for the symptoms you are describing. You just take some of this substance and roll it into a ball and then push it into the area you need covered and it should help you until you can visit the dentist. If I can find the name I will update you but it is with the dental supplies at the drug store.
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Until you go to the dentist, you should get some orajel fast relief gel. Your mouth may get numb but at least you wont feel the pain. I'm using it because I'm getting my wisdom teeth in. Me and my daughter are both cutting teeth now. I tried it, my mouth went numb, and so did the pain.
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Do not put Orajel on exposed tooth nerves. I just did and OH MY GOD the pain was a 100% WORSE.
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The usage of the filling kits can be relieving for the time being but honestly they make the pain worse. I used something called clove oil. Tasted extremely gross and smelled like crap but worked wonderfully! I strongly recommend that we all give it a go and see if it works for you all.
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Drink a pint of whiskey and pray lol
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You can get stuff from Walgreens to put on it, but you definitely need to make it in to the oral surgeon to have it removed. Try to get some strong pain pills, that will definitely help too.
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It depends on how much of the tooth structure is missing. If he can save it and tooth isn't fractured down to the nerve, He will place a crown. But, if its fractured down to the nerve, he would have to do a Root Canal ( remove nerve ). You have option to just extract.
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You know you need to see a dentist asp. Here are about four things you can do. You can to the drug store and look for a temporary fill for the spot you broke the tooth.
Then you can call your dentist and tell him you need to have a tooth pulled.
Ask your dentist billing department if they have care credit plan. It is a credit card that is for dental work. You have to apply for it. They sometimes have where you pay no interest for six months to a year half. It works for me.
Other wise you will have to see your dentist and he will recommend you to a dentist that will pull your tooth. You will have to ask how much it is to pay cash and they will give you prices.
Before they came out with care credit I had to do that.
If you do not do anything your pain will get worse, it will be come a bad infection, the infection will go to the ear then it will travel to the brain. You will not be able to stand it. I also suggest you this Toothache Home Remedies, there are plenty of home remedies to get rid of toothache instantly.

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I heard that if you make a paste out of 2 crushed Tylenol,cloves, and ambasol and put it on the tooth it will kill the nerve! I hope it helps!
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I have my back tooth exposed and the pain is ( ouch) . I cracked the back tooth about one year ago, well now the hole is much larger and the pain has kicked in? What do you think the doctor will do? Pull it out?
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I have a broken tooth that is causing sever tooth pain. Can't get to the dentist for a week.
Any suggestions for relief.

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