Is There Touch Receptor On The Back Of Hand More Than The Palm Of The Hand?


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The receptors on the palm side of your hand are more than the back of your hand. This is because of the fact that we use our palm and fingertips to touch and feel things much more than we use the back of the hand. These are more on the palm because we use our palm to apply pressure onto things.

On the hand, the fingers and especially their tips have the highest number of receptors because they are most often used for touching and feeling. An easy way of testing is that when you touch something with your fingertip, the realization of the sensation is much quicker than if you touch something with the back of the hand. This shows that the number of receptors on you palm and fingertips is much greater than those on the back of the hand.

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The back of the hand has more receptor than the palm of the hand. You can check it by pressing on it.

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