How Can I Forget A Bad Memory?


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You have to concentrate on something else with all of your might. Think about something that was extremely funny or happy that occurred in your life. Or the easiest way is to start doing some kind of task that requires a lot of thought (like a crossword puzzle).
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Do not think.
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I know what you mean love, bad memories are awful and some times they just pop into your head with out any warning, try to focus on what is causing these "certain triggers" and try to avoid them easier said than done I know sweety, there is nothing wrong in crying some times we need to cry to release the sadness, try talking to a friend or some times a stranger like a doctor can help but this might not suit everyone. And i am sorry you can`t forget painful memories but you can learn to deal with them in your own way and in your own time basically there is no time limit darlin. I do agree having a hobby or doing a task of some sort will help so for that moment the painful memories wont exist. Im no doctor but the feeling sick and feeling dizzy bit could be a mild panic attack i would advise you see a doctor to check it out darlin just to be sure i hope ive helped even if in a small way good luck and take care.
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To forget a bad memory, first you need to stop thinking about it. Get busy with extra curicular activities.
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If it is really that bad find a good hypnotist and have them erase these bad memories. It IS possible!
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I use to try my best to forget the past, and with the exception of some hypnosis, (if you buy into that kinda stuff), and shock therapy, I think you will always have the past in your mind. Here's the trick: Remember when these thoughts come along that you have come THROUGH these times, You are STRONGER, WISER, and more prepared for the future, and that without the bad times how would you ever realize how good the good times really are. LIFE is a refining fire brought to us via the Good Lord Jesus, and remember HE will never give YOU more than YOU can handle.
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Thank u precious child of god! I have been struggling w so many thoughts and have asked for so many different peoples advice and u r the first to say , "and that without the bad times how would you ever realize how good the good times really are..." thank you! O and does hypnosis realy help because i am considering it now

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