I Want To Erase Some People From My Memory As It Hurts Me, But I Can't. Can You Help?


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It's takes time to remove someone that you love from your heart .
Well, I don't know if we can delete someone from the heart he/she
is not a programme that you installed in your computer!

The heart needs to love someone so it will not get cold , until you find someone
new and than you starting to forget the one you loved before , don't try to
forget him because it won't work , just try to be yourself and love yourself
and be busy don't think about him/her , and sometimes pamper yourself
with good shopping or good chocolate or good massage , and very important
thing don't blame yourself for what happen to you !!!

You have to know that you are sweet & intelligent , funny and have skills
that others don't  have , and one day when it's time and you will be ready
you will find your prince charming / princess the one that will heel your heart
and never break it
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Deleting memories of someone you once loved is very hard, but it's almost impossible to completely delete someone from your heart.  You can try not to think about that person - especially someone who has broken your heart.  However, once that person is "tucked away" deep in your heart, you just have to live with it.  Don't let thoughts of revenge or hatred enter your mind/heart - that will do more damage to your health and well-being.  Actually, your own happiness and success are the best "revenge".  Just think positive thoughts and move on!  Someone more worthy of your love will come into your life.  Someone who will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.
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You can erase their memory simply by sitting alone and allow your brain to just think of it.. don't try to control your thoughts..just be a silent spectator of your thoughts..then your mind tries to divert your intention to some other things but you try not to fall for its tricks..then just explore what's the use of such thoughts..if you once found the answer there you would never think of them again. This might sound you silly but once you experience it and see by yourself..ok..all the best!
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The only way I have found to help myself in this area of which you speak, is to forgive them for hurting me. I don't have to tell them that. I just decide to forgive them and then release them to God to deal with. Without my faith I could not emotionally survive. It is my balance to get through hurts and pain. I have learned that forgiving someone is not giving them permission to be trusted in that area again. Sometimes forgiveness means letting them go totally out of your life through a daily process of " letting go". Its not easy, but it brings about contentment and peace
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I wasn't able to erase some people who hurt me really bad in the past, but somebody told me to go talk to a therapist and I wouldn't because I didn't believe it would help me , until I got sick and depressed. After a while it got so bad that I decided to try it; I didn't have anything to lose by going. It was really tough, but the best thing I ever did for myself. So now, I still have those memories but I learned to live with them and take care of myself. And now, I realize that I don't want to erase those people from my memory because I learned some things important that will serve me right in my future. They say we learn something from everything and everybody in life.
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I realize the same thing but not after visiting any therapist but after reading some inspirational quotes and mobile text messages.
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Erasing people from your memory is not simple as it is said. It depends upon the magnitude of the problems which they have given to you. It will take some time to forget or erase them from your memory
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For years I have tried to forget this girl who broke my heart and left me broken and scatered all alone

I cried and shouted night after night drinking bottle after bottle
not even in a drunken state I couldn't forget as a mater of fact it encreased the memory and feeling of depression,

I decided just to let it be memory fades in time but every now and than certain things such as my tatoo with our initials on my palm triggers the memory
and the emotion returns a thing what never can fade for as long as we live these are times when I ask my self what if I could erase my memory of her but than again you should ask yourself if I erase my memory is this a answer or curse?
If I erase my memory would I make the same mistake over again

memory of past experiances teach us
if we take it away will get hurt over and over again
it doesnt take away the pain just makes it worse
we would have to learn to live with it and go on these experiances and memory is what makes us stonger
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I want a warlock to wiped my memory out I don't to know people any people include my own family.. I just don't care about life anymore.
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People hurt, people make you want to kill yourself.  People come in your life,  people leave.   However,  they always stay.   Why do they come.   I wish I never met him..

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