What Are Some Examples Of What Intellectual Health Is?


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Intellectual health is commonly seen as being just academic knowledge. However, it also includes general knowledge, common sense and creativity. All of these factors determine our thoughts and, therefore, our decisions. Our decisions aren't just based on our IQ, common sense and general knowledge are often very important factors, sometimes more important. Intellectual health refers to the ability to think and learn from life experience, being open to new ideas and the ability of one to question and evaluate information.

Working also largely supports the development of a life that is intellectually healthy. However, overworking the mind can make one become stressed, which can develop into an intellectually unhealthy life. We should approach work in a challenging and enjoyable way and finish with us feeling good about ourselves.

Religion leads to us thinking heavily about the principles and beliefs of that religion, and challenges us by trying to incorporate them in our lives. Having a challenge is a good contribution to intellectual health. God and general religion is considered more with some people than others, however having a belief intrigues a person, which is positive for an intellectually healthy life.

Having a hobby is also important when it comes to becoming intellectually healthy. Playing sports, athletics or some other activity, which requires a lot of thought makes us consider everything going on around us and therefore really challenges our minds.

Overall, there are many things which can contribute to an intellectually healthy life. Figuring out how to handle a problem, decision-making and setting realistic, yet challenging goals are prime examples of intellectual health and having the aspiration to learn and have an interest in something is what makes us intellectually healthy.
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What is intellectual health?

Typically people think of intellectual health as academic knowledge, but in fact, it also entails creativity, general knowledge, and common sense. Our thoughts are influenced by each of these factors, which in turn influence our decisions. It’s not only our IQ that matters when it comes to decision making, often times our general knowledge and common sense are more important.

As with all other dimensions of health, intellectual health also requires a balance. Maintaining proper nutritional habits and exercising are essential components to our energy levels and willingness to develop into healthy individuals. We hold the key to the limits of our own development. Allowing ourselves to interact with people of various backgrounds introduces us to other viewpoints and expands our creative thought processes. Exposure to diverse experiences also allows for an open-mind.

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