How Can Being Over-weight Affect Your Emotional, Social, Intellectual And Physical Health?


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Being overweight can affect the self confidence levels of an individual and leave them feeling depressed. Obese people may constantly crave the rush of sugar in their blood from certain types of foods and may seek emotional fulfilment through eating. They may also experience mood swings due to differences in blood sugar levels. Obese people may find it harder fitting in and suffer from the social stigma of being perceived as physically ugly.

Since part of finding a mate is also related to fertility overweight may be rejected subconsciously by the opposite sex. The adverse affect of obesity and being overweight are many. They include type 2 diabetes, cardio vascular problems, high cholesterol levels, blocked arteries, high blood pressure, infertility etc. All in all the Latin phrase "bis vivit qui bene vivit" meaning he lives twice who lives well does not apply in cases of obesity.
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If you're overweight:

-You're not going to be able to fit into the clothes you want to
-Not going to be as confident about your looks generally
-You'll have people treat you differently..less attention from the opposite sex
-It can lead to depression or worsen it
-Some may not look to you with as much respect (sad but it happens)
-you'll be more prone to a host of illnesses and diseases:

-hypertension/high blood pressure
-coronary heart disease
-Type 2 diabetes
-gallbladder disease
-sleep apnea/other breathing issues

Often times it's emotional health issues in and of themselves which leads to the weight gain...Food is used for comfort, it is often used to fill a void of some sort.

As far as how it affects your intellectual health, it won't...although you will be able to think more clearly on an empty/light stomach.

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