How To Give A Sensual Massage?


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Touch is one of the most important elements of sensuality therefore make sure that you get it right. Firstly the room temperature should be a little on the warmer side, this way it is much easier to relax. You can also complement this with some light music or candles. While massaging make sure that your fingers are kept together and the entire flat of the hand is used for most areas. Use the fingers for the tighter areas in the body. Start the massage working around the muscles and the tissue surrounding the spine. Never put direct pressure on the bones.

The effects of the massage are heightened if one maintains a particular rhythm as well as constant touch. Therefore make sure that you have at least one hand on the client back even while you're pouring out the massage oil. Slowly work around the entire back and all the other areas that you feel require some amount of relaxation. Always make sure that you use oil or lotion, both of these make the massage a lot better.
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