I'm Pregnant, What Insect Repellent Can I Use?


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What you mustn't use is Diethyl Toulamide (DEET). Most commercially available insect repellents contain DEET. Read the label carefully for either name of DEET. It can potentially cause birth defects.

Wear light clothes against mosquitos (they prefer dark colours). Wear long trousers, sleeves and otherwise cover up as much as possible. Mosquitos tend to be most active from dusk to dawn (especially at dusk and dawn). Stay indoors then if you can. Don't use perfumes or perfumed products.

Against midges or other small flies you must cover up and consider some sort of repellent. Sleep under a mosquito net if you're visiting a tropical country.

There are a lot of home-made remedies (from commerical body lotions mixed with something else), which some people swear by. For example, mix 70% Johnson's baby oil with 30% Dettol (shake well and don't expect to be that popular with your friends).

There are a number of commerically-available repellents based on essential oils (especially Citronella) . It's impossible to test these fully on pregnant women, but they don't appear to have any harmful ingredients if used in moderate doses. Mosiguard is one such product.

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