How Much Does It Cost To See A Therapist?


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It all depends on what type of therapist you select, i.e. An L.C.S.W., L.P.C will generally cost about $100.00 for 50 minutes, whereas a psychiatrist will cost approx. 90.00 for 15 minutes of medication management. These prices exclude insurance benefits. So, if you have insurance, call your insurance company first and see what % they will cover, and what out of pocket expense you are responsible for paying. If you already know someone who can recommend a good therapist, ask for a referral. If you don't "connect" after a few visits, try someone else, as it is so important to find someone you can be totally honest with.
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They usually charge by the hour, and my last one was ridiculous without insurance she was like $90 for a half hour session, so call around and see what they charge in your area... Go with your gut feeling if you don't like the first one you go to see someone else sometimes that's what you have to do to find a good one.
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It really depends on the therapist.  You can find therapists who charge $75 an hour and then there are ones who charge $150.  Just like anything else, you get what you pay for.
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The average cost for a one-hour session can actually range from $50 to $240 per session. I pay $82 for a one-hour session. There are some insurance companies that pay for at least part of your therapy, but you will need to check and see if that coverage was offered under your health insurance plan.

Also, there are some other options to help off-set the costs and they may be available in your area. It won’t hurt to look at some of these options and see what you can find.

Here they are:

  • Some therapy or counselling is provided at no cost through medical clinics, or hospitals.
  • Services for students are available in most schools (Grades 1 to 12) or the counselling services of most colleges and universities.
  • There are no charges for the services of family doctors or psychiatrists.
  • Some community agencies provide services at no or low cost.
  • A sliding scale related to income may be offered by some agencies.
  • Group therapy may be less expensive than individual therapy.
  • Employee assistance program could be offered by your employer.

I hope you can find something that works for you here: Find A Therapist!

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The going rate is 80-100 without insurance, but you can call offices and get rates if you are interested in a few specifically.
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It usually cost you 70$ depends on where you go and if you knew a therapist after the first session she might charge you less but it depends.

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