How Many Years Of College Is Need To Become A Massage Therapist?


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Depending on the degree I believe it is about 1 year or a little over but you will need to then do clinical hours an internship, etc.  I would call a local college and get some more advice over the phone before choosing a school.  The best and cheapest places would be a local university.  If they tell you to come in their job is to sell so they will do what it takes to make you choose them and to go to school there.  So make sure you call around, if you decide to go into this.  Do your research and pray about it.  Good luck.
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If college itself is sapose to be 4 years, does that mean a year gets added to those 4 years or is it just 1 year all together?
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It all depends on what type of massage and what association the therapist belongs to. I am a reiki master, a pineal mode entrainment expert and a tantric yoni massage expert as well as an electronic medicine practitioner. My learning has been through intensive personal research and not in an academic establishment. I have studied and researched the fields of therapies for over 35 years. It never stops.

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