My Thumb Has Been Swollen, Red, Warm To The Touch For A Week Now, Why?


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Update-   as far as the thumb I ended up going to the er for other reasons but since I was there I had the nurse look at my thumb. She said it looked like I hit it with a hammer yet she didnt know what it was either. I couldnt believe the pain it caused I never had anything like that ever. So I said to the nurse what do I do she said protect it from things try not to use it much and bandage it up a lil here and there. And if it doesn't subside come back. So it went on a good 3 weeks to a month it was so painful  all of a sudden it started going down and finally it was a lil red and now it is gone. I heard it coulda been gout due to drinking a lot or sefood etc. But that usually happens in the feet or major joints so ive heard. But you would think it b all over in that case. So all healed and if your swelling doesn't go away go to dr and get a op on it otherwise ul be waiting like me in pain lol. Hope this helped. Not sure what it was but I don't wish it on anyone at all well maybe one person lol ok tc! -sha!
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Sounds like you have an infection going in there, you should have a doctor check it out.
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Yes it can be an infection but it can also be a spider byte.  You have to go and see a doctor because if it is a spider byte then you can end up losing your whole finger
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Did you find out what it was ? I woke up the same way, and it got worse by the end of the day. The pain is chronic and all the symptoms you shared. Please let me know.

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