I Have A Splinter 'In' My Nail As In Its Gone Thru My Nail And Into My Finger, How Do I Get It Out?! It Hurts Wen I Press Down On My Nail!


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Hi HJ,
The splinter really should be removed by a doctor. 
If the splinter is left in too long you risk terrible infection and possibly the loss of your fingernail.
I suggest that you see your doctor ASAP, but in the mean time keep antibiotic ointment on your finger and keep it covered.
Please let me know what the doctor says and, if you don't mind, I'll keep you in my prayers.
Your friend,
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The splinter in to nail can cause many complications if not removed especially when it is an metal splinter. If the Splinter is deeply seated, I advise you not to remove yourself because you will not be having sterilized needles at home and it also be a painful procedure. Go to a doctor who will use a local anesthesia and sterilized needle to remove it. If you have sterilized needle at home and the Splinter is not deeply seated  then you can try yourself.  
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My husband has a metal splinter in his nail bed and his thumb is slightly swollen and very painful what can he do until he sees a doctor should he seek emergency help now
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This happened to me once you need to see a doctor immediately please before it gets infected
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If you leave it much longer you are risking an infection which will take ages to fix visit your nurse today and get this sorted they will have anesthesia cream there better than at home
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You should first see a doctor. Second of all you should keep your finger in warm water with salt in it. AKA,I like to have sea salt in mind when I have it. But most imporitan you should keep a eye on it.

                                              FROM,MI-STORY WOMAN
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Get a pin and dig it in the splinter then it will pop

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