Am I At Risk If My Hemoglobin Levels Are 18?


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Hemoglobin levels of 18 don’t really put you at risk, no.

Hemoglobin, also known as red blood cells, are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body.

Low hemoglobin levels could indicate a health problem such as anemia, but higher levels are very rarely anything serious.

Smoking or living in a place of high altitude can both raise your hemoglobin levels above the standard values.

It’s also worth knowing that being dehydrated can cause your test results to show falsely high levels of hemoglobin, which is why it's important to make sure you're hydrated before a blood test!

What Should My Hemoglobin Levels Be?
  • 14-18 gm/dl  for an adult male
  • 12-16 gm/dl for an adult female
  • Your hemoglobin levels should steadily start decreasing after you reach middle-age.
As you can see, haemoglobin levels of 18 are perfectly normal for men.  Women aren’t in any immediate danger if they have haemoglobin levels of 18, but it’s worth checking with your doctor if you’re concerned.

A high red blood count can also point to lung disease, certain tumors, and a type of bone disease called polycythemia. However, this is very uncommon, so don't start panicking!
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Your hemoglobin levels are high but that can be normal if you live at high altitude. Smoking and dehydration and some diseases can also cause this.

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