How Do You Give Yourself A Sore Throat? Cause I Wanna Miss School! TEST! :(


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Jon Cunningham answered
Wear a TON of clothing when you go to bed... You'll wake up with fever=X
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terry brown answered
If you drink anything before you go to bed you will wake up with a sore throat because you will be thirst in the mo-ring but then if you drink something than you will feel better sorry
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Pinch your throat it makes you throw up and then you have a sore throat! =)
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Try inducing urself into vomiting by continuosly puting your finger deep dwn your throat.
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Lexi answered
Ive got a sore throat right now and id much rather be in school than go through this pain...but its spring break=) anyway, I got a sore throat by slipping into the bath because some loonatic filled it with cold water....I was freezing..
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Lexi commented
Haha lmao=) i slipped into it!! I had all my clothes on!!=P
Anonymous commented
How do you slip into a bath tub? =)
Lexi commented
My mum thought i was crazy...that was her reaction as well lol!!=)

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