How Do You Lose Your Voice Fast?


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There are a few ways you could lose your voice fast. There are Internet forums filled with tried and tested ways of speeding this process up. Some of the most effective hints and tips can be found in the following list:

How to lose your voice. Fast!
  • Scream really loud into a pillow so as not to disturb or unsettle anyone else at home. Afterwards, make sure not to drink anything as this will help make your voice sound very croaky and scratchy.
  • There is another method suggested by a few people on Internet forums. This involves squeezing a few lemons into a cup along with a bit of water and vinegar. Those wanting to lose their voice should scream really loud into a pillow and then stop to drink some of the mixture. These steps should be repeated a few times.
  • Loud singing or shouting repeatedly may also do the trick.
  • Avoiding all liquids and/or food combined with loud screaming or shouting may also do the trick.
  • If your throat is feeling a little sensitive already you could speed up the process of losing your voice by reducing the amount of sleep you get each night by a few hours.
  • If you have a cold coming on- do not take any tablets or medicines to ease your symptoms and try to reduce the amount of liquids you are taking.
Sometimes losing your voice is a sure way of avoiding an exam or an important presentation in work you really do not want to attend. Always take care when you are carrying out the above suggestions. Try not to permanently damage your voice and if your symptoms deteriorate, make sure you book an immediate appointment with your doctor.
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How to lose your voice.

One way is to put ice (packs or just ice water) on your neck and chest. This makes your vocal chords very cold, causing you to lose your voice.

The only bad thing is that you may get sick. But its a one day thing sick and the losing voice part will last for at least two days!

Good luck.
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The following are tips to loosing your voice:

  • Scream into the pillow very loud and for as long as possible.
  • Talk or gossip as much as you can. Something which is a lot easier for girls!
  • Cough a lot.
  • Squeeze some lemon and drink the lemon juice.
Trust me I have personally tried all these ways of loosing my voice and it actually works.
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Lie flat on your back and put pressure on your throat with your thumbs but make sure you can still breathe. Then cough which will make your cough quieter but makes your throat sore in the morning.
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I lost my voice for two weeks by singing really loudly and not drinking a lot of fluids. Once you lose your voice keep talking non-stop don't. You will surely be out for a while!

You may get sick but its definitely worth it, you get to sleep a lot! Good luck! I'm going to try all these now!
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How to loose your voice:
  • You have to go to your room.
  • Lock your door.
  • Put some music on.
  • Grab a pillow.
  • Scream as loud as you can into said pillow.
There you go!
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Gargle, and then swallow lemon juice. A few minutes later stick your tongue out for a really long time.

P.S. No matter what you do don't drink any water.
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Scream as loud as you can for as long as you can. Do this until your voice begins to screech and crack, then you are well on your way.
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Well, I'm trying to do the same thing, without screaming of-course! But my best guess is to sing as loud as you can to favorite songs and it should go away. And yes eat lots of ice and drink ice water.
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Scream into a pillow until it hurts, and when it hurts, you know you're doing it right.

Make sure not to drink any water, so that your throat is dry.
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I Love loosing my voice and a day later you can nearly talk and its all weird. The lemon thing worked for me.
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  • Cough.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Scream into a pillow.
  • Go to a concert/theme park and scream.
  • Stick your tongue out and cough.
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You can scream loudly and as hard as you can, do that for at least fifteen minutes. If you don't want anyone to hear you, scream into a pillow. You can also try singing loudly and for a long period of time. Water won't work, that will actually bring your voice back because the coolness of the water will take away the inflammation.
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Have some ice lollies to make your vocal cords constrict. Do not drink water and scream or sing in a very high pitch.

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You need to scream in a pillow for up to 15 minutes

Cough with you tounge out

Drink Lemmon juice

Talk to your friends

And then it's done

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You should do a loud growling noise into a pillow for a while (it's quiet) and then gargle lemon juice and drink tiny bits of it at a time.

Hope this helps!

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