What Are The Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy And How Soon After Conception Do They Happen?


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For most women the first indication that they may be pregnant is a missed period, although many women's periods are irregular anyway, and some women experience missed periods without being pregnant. Another early sign of pregnancy is morning sickness, most women who experience it, find that the sickness goes away after the first two months following conception; it rarely lasts for the whole duration of the pregnancy. Morning sickness for some mothers to be is a feeling of being nauseous, whilst for others vomiting actually occurs.

Swollen or tender breasts are another early indication of pregnancy. A change in breast size and a darkening of the nipple may also be noticed, this is normal as the body is preparing for breastfeeding. Tiredness, backache, a gain in weight, food cravings, a strange metallic taste in the mouth, and a need to go to the toilet frequently are other early indication of pregnancy.
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It is different for different women, but tender breasts (due to change in hormone levels), absence of menses (no or missed period) are early signs.   Often, morning sickness/nausea doesn't occur until the second trimester, so that isn't a reliable indicator. Pregnancy tests are relatively in expensive and more sophisticated than they used to be.  Usually you can have a good idea within 10 days of conception now.      If you suspect, do a home test or visit your doc or a clinic (i.e., Planned Parenthood) for a confidential test.  Don't wait - for the sake of yourself and the baby you might be carrying. Also, here is s site that might help you determine if pregnancy is likely; it won't tell you for sure but will help you determine what the chances are that you might be.  There are resources to do an online test, as well.  I wish you the best.  Here is the link to answering a few questions that might tell you the likelihood you are pregnant.http//www.onlinepregnancytest.net/
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Extreme fatigue:
Missed period:

And even if the pregnancy test is negative you could be pregnant.
When my mom was having me it showed she was pregnant in  her blood but not her urine. Luckily for me my baby showed up in my urine on the first test I took. Hope this helps.
Good Luck!
First a missing period, then tender breasts and some women get nausea but not all women, I didn't. As far as cramps go, no, but I did have weird twitches in the lower abdomen area. Good luck to you (both)!
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-tender breast and/or nipples
-lower back pain
-frequent urination
-heighten scents of smell
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The first sign of any pregnancy is when you have missed a period. Some of the other signs could also be Tender, swollen breasts or nipples, fatigueness, Slight bleeding or cramping, Nausea with or without vomiting, Food aversions or cravings, Frequent urination, Headaches, Constipation, Mood swings, Faintness and dizziness, Raised basal body temperature, to name a few. These initial signs could be really considered as signs of really very early stage.
Unluckily, these signs and symptoms are not only one of its kinds to pregnancy. Some can specify that you are feeling sick or that your period is almost to begin. And, on the contrary, you can be expecting lacking ever experiencing these symptoms.
Still, if you feel any of these above go in for a home pregnancy test. Also, take added good care of yourself. You possibly must be taking care for two!
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Some early signs of being pregnant might be fatigue, upset stomach, missed period, or weight gain. Hope that helps.
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Well the most common sign is a missed period, sore or ache breasts, feeling rather tied and feeling sick hope that helps
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Morning sickness is one early sign of being pregnant and it's usually in the mornings when it happens. Also your breast may be sore to the touch. Each individual is different when it come to pregnancy. You may want to get one of the EPT tests from your local drug store and check for yourself.
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A missed period and a plus sign in the pregnancy test.
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I've been through two pregnancies in the last 3 years. My early signs were: Stomach cramping, my boobs were sore and I had horrible migraines. A girl I worked with had the same symptoms.
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I be using the bathroom frequently a little bit of food craving very nauseous during the day all day back really hurts and I be tired all day
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The first early sign I get even before a test says positive was excessive tiredness like you just have to sleep and my breasts tingled all the time sickness starts a little after
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Well, some of the first signs are sore and enlarging breasts, frequent urination, nausea, fatigue, late period.
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From the moment you discovered or even if you did not  discover that you missed your period (Note: It is far possible not to miss your period and still be pregnant..where your period will appear normally) or that you are pregnant.
The first sign is that you will be experiencing malaria, and some temperature. While you will be thinking that it is just ordinary fever, till the date of your period gets missing (if your body does reacts).
Even you will be thinking that may be it is just round that cycle, till the menstrantorist will carries the fuetus for 69 days after which you will be extreemly awared that truely your are pregnant... Depend on if you go for urine test.
And urine can only be done within this period, if you do not want to be mislead...and this urine test is just something you can do yourself within 5 minutes...
This is how you can do the urine test.....
1. Go to any be chemist shop
2. Call this my number...07030099891
3. Then ask for the way out for the test
4. Then I will tell you what to do...
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I'm 3 weeks from when I could have conceived I did have my period when it was due 4 days later, now I have stomach pain sore breast sometimes back pain I could  still be pregnant having my period so close after sex

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