Distinguish Between A Patient's Right To Physical Privacy And The Right To Expect The Health-care Provider To Maintain Confidentiality Of Patient Information?


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Confidentiality means that the patients personal information, condition, test results, ect will not be disclosed to anyone not nessassary for the patients care. You can give billing info to the doctors office manager & test results to the doctors nurse but not vice-versa. Can't walk into Ms Smiths room & tell her that her cootie test was negative while she has visitors...the good news is it was negative but visitors may go post it on the web that she even needed the test thereby implying she could have them.
Physical privacy means the patient has the ability to say or do whatever without anyone they don't specifically allow to witness. An example would be using a bedside commode with no one watching, or being checked for dialation during labor without the in-laws videoing the whole thing. Physical privacy also includes the housekeeper not reading the get well card Mr Smith sent because there is a love note inside.

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