How Long Does It Take For A Rotary Cuff Injury To Heal?


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I had rotator cuff surgery 5 months ago and I am still going to physical therapy. I have a lot of soreness and I have to ice and rest my shoulder during the day. I am told that it takes about 6 months of intense physical therapy after the surgery.
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WOW is this info does not allow you to immediately use a passive machine in the hospital, and recovery and recovery time depends on each individual- with timeframes averaging from 8-12 months for FULL recovery! Read everything you can about recovery time, so you'll know how long to expect.
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6 weeks till you can basically move it and up to a year to complete recovery
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I am recovering from rotary cuff surgery. I think that was the worst pain I have ever been through
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I live alone, how long after my surgery should I plan to have someone in my home to care for me?
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Does age make a difference in how fast you recover? I am 60, everyday left hand second and third finger swells, the middle finger is more swollen. Left side of neck feels stiff, almost dread laying down at night, pain radiates down left arm. Plus other problems.

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It all depends...I had minor tears in my left one, and 3 surgeries later (1-17-05) I'm still trying to heal...It also trashed my bursa...I know have plugs in my shoulder, which means no more MRI's. What my Doc told me was, depends on the age of the patient. I was 52 at the time...3 months without surgery, longer of course for some one your age. So long as you don't smoke...
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well my husband had the rotator cuff surgery and it took him about 6 months to heal but its been about 5 years ago and he still has problems with it so good luck on whatever u choose
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Rotator cuff repair surgery is a rather painful one. The patient spends an hour or two in the recovery room after the surgery. Sometimes, a drainage tube is sometimes used to remove excess fluid from the surgical area. The drain will be removed on the second day of the surgery. A change of bandage will also take place the second day.

A continuous passive motion machine is used to gently move the shoulder in the recovery room immediately after surgery. During the hospitalization, the patient learns a simple rehabilitation program. This helps to maintain the range of motion at home after discharged.

Discharge is usually on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery. Or as soon as the incision is dry. Also once the shoulder is comfortable with oral pain medication and the patient can manage the shoulder well.
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I have the same thing.  It does not heal.  If it's torn you have to have surgery.

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