What Does Low Lying Cerebellar Tonsil Mean In A CT Scan?


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This is  the portion of your brain that does the coordination of your movements,how you stand and how good you have balance.so as you can see it will affect walking,sitting,and standing in the near future.hope you are talking with your doctor and you are preparing yourself with preventive treatments.
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I found all sorts of different information regarding this when I did several different searches. It can have no effect at all on some people and cause lots of problems with others. You should have CINE flow studies done. This type of MRI examines flow of CSF at the cranio-cervical joint. For persons experiencing symptoms with seemingly minimal herniation, especially if the symptoms are better in the suppine position and worse upon standing/upright, an upright MRI may be useful.
I know this doesn't really help but it sounds like this can mean different things for different people. Did they say anything about a Chiari Malformation?

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