What Does Crusty Stuff Like A Scab On Nipple Mean If I Dont Have A Tatoo?


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Crust found on the nipples is something that occurs reasonably frequently during puberty. If the person who has found this crust is of an adolescent age, then it is more than likely that it has been caused by a discharge from the nipple. This discharge is perfectly normal and is simply one of the many side effects that come hand in hand with puberty. Everyone is affected by puberty in a different way and while some people suffer with an endless list of problems, others get through it without too much hassle.

If the crust bleeds or shows signs of infections then it is important to visit a doctor. While it is not likely to be anything serious, a doctor will be able to best advise the patient about how to treat the crust and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. In most cases a skin treatment cream and an avoidance of wearing tight clothing will be sufficient to reduce the symptoms and clear it completely.

A crust forming on the nipple is also a symptom that many pregnant women, or women who have just had babies, suffer with. In these cases it is typically discharge from the nipple that is related to lactation and breastfeeding. If there is anything particularly unusual about the discharge, i.e. If it is bleeding or there is any unusual colored puss, then it is very important to consult a doctor. Any infection could affect the milk that is produced in the breasts and these infections should be prevented from being passed onto the baby.

Concerns about a crust found on the nipple should be taken to a doctor for proper medical advice. If the crust has lasted an unusually long time or has changed in color or size then it is recommended that a professional opinion is sought.

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