Why Is It Possible That Drinking Distilled Water Can Have No Ill Effect On Our Intestinal Cells?


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Because the distilled water is safe.
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Independent laboratory testing proves that steam distillation effectively eliminates fluoride, bacteria, E. Coli, cryptosporidium, viruses and other microbes.   Distillation with carbon filtration also significantly reduces all other contaminants including arsenic, lead, heavy metals, chlorine, radium, inorganic minerals and organics.  

The Water Quality Association (WQA) recommends steam distillation to remove cyanide and radium and many more contaminants.   The WQA issued a notice on October 2, 2001, addressing consumer's concerns on terrorism and our water supplies.   The following paragraph includes excerpts from the notice.

The bacterial, viral, and different chemical sabotage and terrorist threats have not yet been encountered in waters.   Drinking water treatment products have not been tested and certified for their effectiveness in reducing these exotic chemical or biological sabotage agents.   Distillation may provide additional protection against many of these agents.   Many biological organisms are inactivated by heat during distillation.   Regarding chemical agents, carbon filters may reject or adsorb these toxic compounds, although they may not have been specifically tested for a particular chemical.

Even in this age of high technology, there is no perfect treatment process.   However, distillation with carbon filtration is the most complete, consistently effective process for purification of residential drinking water.
Therefore No ill effects.

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