How Does Glucose Help A Patient Recover?


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Glucose can help patients recover, particularly those with diabetes, as it is a simple sugar and one of the most basic carbohydrates. Giving patients glucose will allow sugar and carbohydrate levels to return to normal in a fast and effective manner. Glucose is widely used in all organisms to produce energy and to carry out glycolysis.

  • Glucose used to produce energy. 
Everything from bacteria to humans uses glucose as an energy source. The use of glucose may be carried out through aerobic respiration, fermentation or anaerobic respiration. Glucose is a carbohydrate and carbohydrates are the human body's key source of energy. Aerobic respiration provides 3.75 kilocalories of food energy per gram. Glucose in the blood is regulated by the insulin reaction and other mechanisms. It is also a primary source of energy for the brain. Glucose can therefore influence psychological processes. This means that any psychological processes that require a lot of mental effort are impaired and become more difficult when there is a lack of glucose in the system.

  • Glucose used to carry out glycolysis.
Within cells, glucose is used as an energy source through anaerobic and aerobic respiration. The glycolysis metabolic pathway provides the steps required for these processes. The phosphorylation of glucose prepares it for a later breakdown carried out to provide energy. This process occurs to prevent diffusion out of the cell. Later, the phosphorylation adds a charged phosphate group that stops the glucose from easily crossing the cell membrane.

These processes are just two of the ways that glucose works within the human body to help a patient to recover. Uneven glucose levels can be a symptom of diabetes, something that can often be managed with the intake of glucose and insulin.
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