What Exercises Are Good For A Recovering Stroke Patient?


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Music therapy. Simple things like clapping his/her hands. Moving his/her arms. While they are in bed, you can assist in muscle movement: Leg bends, knee bends, etc. You can also buy a stress ball and have them hold it in their hands and squeeze it, one hand or two. It is also very important to reorient them...exercise their mind...time of day, place, day of the week, year... Etc. They don't have to say a word, but they will be listening to you, exercising their mind.
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So many people I meet they told me the most important for the stroke patient is walking first. Because they want walking independently and no need to use wheel chair. That means recovery for the lower limb is more important. But you need to know upper limb also is most important for the stroke patient. That's why in hospital the stroke patient need to do exercise with occupational therapy and physiotherapy. If the physiotherapy give exercise for standing, walking, climbing and other but you need to know the occupational therapy is more important because the occupational therapy give training with the patient to independent in activity of daily living like dressing, eating, toileting, bathing  and all our daily routine.
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A nice walk even some easy yoga deep breathing.
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First of all, you should keep moving your body. Inactivity may lead to more dependence on others. Receive atleast 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Are you having difficulting raising your arms? If yes, then stretching and flexibility exercise is also recommended. You can do this before or after aerobic exercise. Increase your walk period. But don't burden your body by excessive walking.
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The stroke victim is 81 years old and is bedridden and cannot stand, walk or talk. I want to know what is best for home exercises to begin with her theraphy./ We cannot afford a therapist.

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