What Does Green Vomit Indicate?


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If vomit is a bright green colour it could suggest that there is an obstruction of the intestines. When this happens green bile is vomited from the body. This could therefore point towards an underlying condition. The obstruction could be something that is physically in the way or it could be that the bowel is not working correctly, which is called ileus.
     In the case of infants and children the most common cause of intestinal blockage is paralytic ileus. This could be caused by decreased blood supply to the abdominal area, actual injury to the abdominal blood supply, complications from intra-abdominal surgery, intra-abdominal infection or kidney or lung disease. With older children, paralytic ileus can be brought on by bacterial, viral or food poisoning.
     Mechanical causes, that is something physically being in the way, for intestinal obstruction could be abnormal tissue growth, scar tissue that formed after surgery, foreign bodies that have been ingested, gallstones, hernias, tumours or several other causes.
     There are several varying symptoms, other than vomiting, of an intestinal blockage. Abdominal distention is where the abdomen becomes stretched. This is more commonly referred to as being bloated. Related to this there can be a feeling of abdominal fullness, gas, pain and cramping. There may also be complaints of unpleasant breath odour, constipation and diarrhoea.
     Mechanical obstruction can be detected through the use of a stethoscope. A doctor will listen to the abdomen and high-pitched bowel sounds can indicate a problem. If the obstruction has been present for a long period of time the sounds may become less apparent and bowel sounds may cease completely. Also a silent bowel can be an early indication of paralytic ileus. Placing a tube through the nose into the stomach or intestine to help alleviate abdominal distention and vomiting can treat a blockage.
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Lime Green Is stomach acid that you are throwing up. You should see a doctor I Had that a lot before I Had my Gallbladder removed. Hope that helps . Good Luck.
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Green vomiting can be due to intestinal obstruction. Other symptoms of intestinal obstruction are abdominal pain, no bowel movements, pale and sweaty skin. This condition is medical emergency and requires visit to a doctor immediately. So, visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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Well if your vomit is lime green this is not good at all if you are vomiting lime green vomit and also suffering from high fever, servere abdominal pain, or signs of dehydration call your local gp or if its out of ours call your local hospital/doctor/nurse. I hope you find out what is wrong with you or any 1 you no who is vomiting lime green vomiting get well soon
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Dark green vomit is not indicative of one specific condition.  Bile (stomach acid) is yellow typically but can be mixed with other stomach contents.  Some dogs will start to eat grass when they feel nauseous and this can lead to green vomit.  If your dog got into something green colored it will color the vomit.  This dietary indiscretion could be medication, insect bait, something from yard, or a foreign body--socks, toys etc.  The color of the vomit is not as important as why your dog is vomiting.  If your dog has another episode of vomiting or new signs develop please take it to see a veterinarian.  To settle the stomach withhold food and water for 12 hours then slowly introduce water than food.  
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Green vomit is either caused by green foods/food coloring or it is bile, which is the 3rd part of digestion and usually is not brought up unless your stomach and upper intestines are in distress, but it does happen and shouldn't be cause for concern.

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You are bringing up bile, could be gall bladder or liver disease. Consult a doctor.
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This may depend on what you ate, ie. Spinach, if not, may be a sign of a more serious problem. If you start to experience pain in your right side, get yourself to a hospital and tell them how you vomitted green. Don't want to scare you but may be appendix

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