Is It Safe To Use ThermaCare Heat Wraps While Pregnant?


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I'm at 38 weeks, and I just checked w/ my doctor because I'm trying to help w/ sciatic nerve pain associated with my pregnancy.

She said NO.  Those heat wraps are designed to give continuous heat for 8+ hours, thus elevating your core body temperature.  This, in turn, is harmful to the baby, and why she said I should not be using one.

She did, however, say that I could use an electric heating pad on the lowest setting for brief periods of time (15-20 minutes and then taking a break from it) to help cope with some of the nerve pain.
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Should be ok, but do not put them on or near the belly. Check with doctor 1st
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I did
it worked for all 7 of my kids!!!
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Used them twice and both times ended up in labor and delivery with contractions.
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ThermaCare heat wraps are patches which are used to treat pain as alternatives of the pain killers.  Beside many advantages, there are some drawbacks of this product. The box of the thermaCare wraps contains special insert containing information for the user. Manufacturer has not recommended its use during pregnancy, diabetes, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and poor circulation.

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