Is It Safe To Have A General Anaesthetic While Pregnant?


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I would go by your own instincts if you think in your mind it is not safe then don't do it ,if your problem is not life threatening to you, then wait ,I would because if anything ever happened to your child you would never forgive yourself,or if the child developed strange behaviour or systems while growing up, you would always relate it to your surgery... 
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The anesthesia either local or general should be avoided during pregnancy. It can be used after weighing risk benefit ratio of out come of anesthesia and risk. The information on the safety of anesthesia during pregnancy is not clear completely. It is still not know whether the anesthesia itself or the physiological changes caused by anesthesia is dangerous for baby. But this is confirmed that there are some problems with the fetus due to use of anesthesia during pregnancy. For more information. Visit: Surgery & pregnancy, General anesthesia

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