How to cure acute pancreas?


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Sorry to hear about your nephew, but no matter what the illness, I'm of the belief that there is no cure but it can be controlled with the correct treatment, only a doctor can make you or your nephew aware of what treatment will fit the particular illness and the person, as no two people respond to meds the same way, a medical person will have to find the treatment that best suits the patient....the best of luck to you and your nephew, and don't give up...... ♥♥
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Helloooooooooo Sky thinking about you, been talking and researching and from most information, cancer does not like vegetables, and can and will thrive on dairy products and meat, cabbage is a very good one for starters, but as I stated so far the world has only gotten to putting this thing into remission, there are those that say working with cancer centers of America gives patiences and survivors tips for helping and prolonging the life span, once again the best to you......♥
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Pancreatitis is a serious disease and the person has to be hospitalized until it is stablized.  Person is put on I V and given fluids only along with special meds.  When he is released from the hospital, he will be put on a very strict diet and will be told to not drink any alcohol.  When he's released they may also tell him to take some "enzyme" tablets to help with digestion.  I hope he is ok.  Please let us know on his progress.
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It may be hard to do but find a doctor that is not only knowledgeable about all the parts/aspects of the illness but also knows about foods that can help keep strength and immunity of their body at it's peak while fighting the illness. Then seek the correct treatment for them whether it is a organ transplant or a regiment/drug treatment. Since we don't know at what tstage the acute pancreas is at we can't really take a guess at to the treatment for each individual. Also since I am not a doctor I can't give a knowledgeable answer. So if you and your nephew don't rust the opinion of the doctor you have seek a second and even a third opinion on the type of treatment that is needed. Now my brother had gallstones removed by using ultrasonic sound waves(to pulverize them) while he sat in a pool of water  in the hospital but this was years ago I don't know what the treatment is today.
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I can't see my pancreas so i can't tell if it is a cute one or not.
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Sometimes  pancreas  transplant is the only thing, this  illness is  contributed  to  alcoholism or another  type  of  illness
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G'day Skydamani,

Thank you for your question.

There are several diseases related to the pancreas including pancreatic cancer, diabetes and pancreatitis. You should see a doctor if you have any of them to develop a treatment plan.

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He is already in the hospital in a serious condition. Doctors are unable to find out the what the reason is
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Our thoughts are with him.

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