How Do I Get Bigger Breast? I Want To Know And Fast!


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Well, there is a lot of hype out there about herbs and such that can make your breast bigger..(my sister tried them) and they did work a little but all they did was swell her milk glands..and that didnt last..soooo dont wast your money.
My dad always said that buttermilk and cornbread would do it....LOL but now I know that is not true, so if your really upset you may want to concider implants, but about the guys not wanting you because of your breast size is probley just in your mind cause you feel insecure about it..most guys like a great butt and flat tummy instead of large breast so work with what you got (if implants are out) cause we can always improve or butt and tummy for free!
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and putting two bras on isn't "bad" persay maybe uncomfortable though, why not just one water bra..they are very cumfy and look and feel like the real thing under your clothes
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In the first place, your profile states that you are an 18 year old MALE. Your question states that you are FEMALE. Which of these statements is true ? What is your true age ? A proper answer can not be given witout these facts.
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Honestly I developed breasts late in life and know how you feel. Think for a second men/guys who only like you for your breasts aren't worth your time and a good guy will like you just the way you are. They make water bras and push up bras, but I wouldn't wear two bras at once. I wound up wearing push up bras because water bras have to be hand washed and who has time for that. Do what I did avoid the guys who are going after the girls who developed early they are usually the ones who only like someone for their chest, the shy quiet ones make better boyfriends.
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To get bigger breast naturally is Pregnancy!!! Then after awhile they won't stay that big after delivery sometime!

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