My Husband Is Always Sick, He Is Overweight, He Has High Blood Pressure, I'm Sure His Cholesterol Is Way Out. My Concern Now Is He Has To Be On A Cpap To Sleep At Night. Could Any Or All Of His Problems Be Related To The Black Mold In His Basement?


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Ryan Rugraff answered
The black mold in the basement could be exacerbating his health problems. The mold could also be nothing more than common mildew (which can look black), you would need to have it tested by a reliable lab. It sounds to me though that more of it has to do with lifestyle choices such as, diet, exercise/lack thereof, stress, immune system health etc. Of course genetics also play a large part in these things as well. I suggest getting it tested, then you can rule that out.
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You probably have that mold that makes you very ill, I think it is called stacky botris or something like that, and you need the health officials to come in and test it. Then you are going to have to clean it all up if they will let you, and start all over again on it I think. Rebuilt and get rid of the mold that is there. Your husband should be at the hospital having all kinds of blood work done to make sure that he is not going to  pass away on you. Hope this helps, good luck to you both.
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Your husband needs a Cpap machine because he is overweight and his breathing tube colapses at night, or he has Sleep Apnea, which is usually caused by being overweight. His blood pressure probably is also affected by his weight, and his cholesterol is affected by diet and genetics. He CAN be sick all the time from black mold as it is a highly toxic spore that affects the lungs with continuous infections and weakens the respiratory immune system. You may have killed the existing mold with your bleach treatment, but you did nothing to remove the cause of the mold generation. I would consult a licensed professional or your health department right away - this stuff is nothing to fool around with.

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