My husband has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and has very limited things he can do with his left hand. He always feels bad about it and feels he is good at nothing. Are there anything at all people with the use of one hand can be good at?


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Creative writing, painting, anything he puts his mind to!

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Plenty of things! Only having correct function of one hand hardly limits that much! Sure it probably knocks his self-esteem more than anything else but you know there are people with worse conditions and they make do and do wonderful things so your husband is no exception! Think of the Paralympians! How brave and awesome are they?

Your husband needs to build up some self-esteem before he tries anything. He needs to know that in anything he does, he will be 100% better because he will have to put a lot more effort in, diverting the negativism and therefore it makes his efforts a lot more challenging thus making him a lot more stronger-willed! :) It's a nice trait to have.

Here's a few ideas!

1.) Paint

2.) Dance

3.) Going for walks?

3.) Play on the Wii or tablet. Most of those games require only one hand.

4.) Watch movies.

5.) Write.

6.) Clean etc he can do a lot of stuff! It may be hard but he'll just need to learn to get the hang of it! 8) remember he needs a positive mind-set above all else!

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