How can i get latest IMS Pharmaceutical {pakistan) sales data?


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IMS Pharmaceutical (Pakistan) sales data is available to companies or individuals if they pay for it. The specialized data compiled by IMS Pharmaceutical helps doctors and healthcare institutions in Pakistan to determine exactly which prescriptions and formulas are the most popular, which in turn assists medical professionals and facilities with long-range planning, budgeting, and better patient care. Periodically, IMS Pharmaceutical representatives may choose to release public financial statements and press releases regarding the company's ongoing sales figures and promotions. Currently, the company supplies interested, paying parties with information (based on figures for Pakistan only) on:

• Medical Data Index
• Oncology Sales Report
• Sales Analyzer

Information About Sales Data Reports

The Medical Data Index will be the most general of sales data reports from IMS Pharmaceutical. It will contain complete information about which medications are currently being sold under the company's brand name in Pakistan. The Oncology Sales Report will focus on cancer-related drugs and prescription therapies; this report is designed to assist oncology doctors and facilities with meeting patient's pharmaceutical needs. The Sales Analyzer report will show specialized analysis of all medical/pharmaceutical sales information from IMS Pharmaceutical. Each report can be ordered individually, or bought at one time. However, contact with company representatives will always be needed.

Pakistan is a developing country in the Indian sub-continent with a vast population. Meeting the medical needs of Pakistanis from all walks of life is essential to the nation's progress; when pharmaceutical sales data is used to plan better health care initiatives, the entire country will benefit. In this sense, paying for specialized sales data can be a good investment that pays off in the short and long terms. Knowing how to understand the significance of each part of a sales data report from IMS may require some medical or scientific training in pharmaceuticals.

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