Im Taking 10 Percocet A Day How Can I Wean Myself Without Getting Sick?


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Tina L0GGerBL0ggER Profile
Well I hear you. I used to do the same, then I started loosing weight and memory =/ anyways, start taking like... 8/9 for a week or two, or even spread out the time a little bit more but while weening yourself off of it take a cold medicine to help your immune system rebuild, because thats basically why people withdraw. Percocet breaks down your immune system. But just spread out the use. And don't dramatically stop. Slowly do it. Congratulations for wanting to get off of it. Its hard. But I don't know you, but I know your probably strong enough to get thru it. Now, if you start doin 5 a day you might get upset stomach, diarrhea, and basically a tiny cold. Good luck =]

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