What are strategies to improve patient intake efficiency?


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Patient intake efficiency involves increasing the amount of patients a physician diagnoses during a single period of time. Improving patient intake efficiency can be completed by following a number of procedures. This can include:

  • Online registration
  • Using a card system
  • Dedicate one staff member for patient intake
Online registration is becoming increasingly popular in clinics and practices across the world. Younger patients will bode well with an online system.  They will be more likely to answer questionnaires and it will save time filling out paperwork in the waiting room. However, older patients may find it harder to deal with technology.

Creating an electronic card system enables patients to enter and exit the practice/clinic with ease and efficiency. The card has a magnetic strip on the back containing the patient's information. It looks and acts very much like a credit card. Perhaps it would be wise to keep all the cards in the practice as patients may forget to bring them to their appointment.

Assigning one staff member, such as a receptionist, to handle patient intake would be a very wise decision. This member of staff can also handle complaints and ensure that all communications are passed along efficiently.

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