What Are Two Approaches Or Indicators To Measuring Patient Outcomes?


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Measuring patient outcomes can be done by monitoring and measuring the level of care of a patient and their experience. It is something that should be enforced by every medical centre and hospital as it is a process that allows the centre to determine whether the outcome was a successful one or not.
There are many approaches to measuring patient outcomes, one of the most important factors to input when measuring a patient's outcome is communication:

  • Communication:
Without good, concise communication, discovering and researching a patient outcome can be very difficult. You should be able to clearly communicate with both fellow medical staff and colleagues, as well as, and most importantly, with the patient.
To start building up an audit or a database about each patient's medical case and the outcome of their care, you will need to find out a few things. First, ask your patient if they feel they have received the best care possible. Monitor and record their response. Ask the patient if they feel better and if they feel the level of care they have been given is acceptable and satisfactory.
You will then want to pose similar questions and/or record similar pieces of information from a medical perspective. Does the nurse in charge feel he/she has given the best care to their patient? Is the patient showing signs of recovery? Is the patient better? Is there anything they would have done differently? If so, why wasn't it done, and what would made achieving it difficult at the time?

  • Report with Accuracy:
It is all well and good finding out the answers to the questions above and researching the patient's care, but in order to accurately measure patient outcomes, you will need to record the information and you can do so by ensuring information is safely stored and well explained.
Hospitals and medical centers keep a file on every patient through the door, and in order to accurately measure a patient outcome and to compare against other records or to see if whether the level of care is consistent, you will need to use different formats when it comes to recording information. Many medical centers use graphs and charts to plot patient care, which is a very simple but affective way of measuring the success of patient outcomes.

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