What type of medication would require physiological measurements prior to administration?


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Physiological measurements are used to monitor the reactions of a person. This is done using sensors that are attached to the body which monitor the electrical signals sent and received in the body. These signals are converted into electronic signals by the sensors which can be analyzed by doctors and scientists. This is mainly used to monitor reactions and motor reflexes.

  • Medicines
The medicines that would be prescribed following physiological measuring would be for the nervous system as this is the part of the body that creates these signals. Any issues with these signals are a usually a result of inactivity in the nervous system. This medication could be used to repair the nervous system after a sever trauma to the body that has damaged the nervous system severely.

Physiological testing is used frequently after a patient has lost feeling or the use of a limb. Using these tests, doctors have a clearer idea of if the patient will get the use of their limb back by testing to see if the signals are still being sent to that part of the body.

  • The Nervous System
The nervous system is controlled by the brain which sends reactive signals to the rest of the body so that it can perform tasks. These can be anything from picking up a glass of water to moving out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. The signals that the nervous system sends out can keep you out of harm's way without you even noticing that a signal has been sent.

When you touch something hot, your hand pulls away so that it does not continue to burn you. This is a result of your nervous system working with your motor reflexes to ensure that your body is kept out of harm's way.

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