How much is an abortion? Should I get one because I am 16 and pregnant to a guy that hates me for getting pregnant. I couldn't help it! The condom broke!


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Well honestly there is alot to think about . . . Are YOU ready for a baby yet? Were will you and the baby live when she/he is born? Who cares if the guy wants it or not it's your decision . . . .if he decides he wants to see the baby later on then you can decide what he deserves because honestly every father no matter how stupid, deserves to see his child at least once. But i really think you should think about it also do you have a job a car are you still in school or colllege hun those are all things to think about. I hope all goes well good luck!
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I understand you are 16...
School and all that, but is it worth it to kill
a baby? You have all the time in your life to finish school,
I would so have the baby and for people who cant hadle it
like you I would give it for adoption. Is not the babys faulty the
condom broke.
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N the states u have to pay unless u have coverage, in canada, most clinics or hospitals will do it for free, especially if its your first and your age.
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Please keep your baby, and teach it naturally with your care and nuturing, i think you were meant to have the baby-not your boyfriend. Please don't get an abortion-you will regret it forever.
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Thank you for your wonderful answer. A day after I posted this question, I decided to keep the baby. It is a part of me and thinking back over it, I could have never gone through with an abortion. I love my baby :D

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