Can You Get Ear Damage If You Wear Ear Plugs Too Much?


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It‘s very rare that ear damage can occur with the excessive usage of ear plugs. The only effect they can have on your body is that, they can disturb your body equilibrium because the vestibular apparatus is located within the ear & its the part of the human body responsible for maintaining the body equilibrium. If vestibular apparatus gets disturbed due to any reason(one being excessive use of ear plugs), then a person feels like vertigo & nausea. So it’s better to use ear plugs when needed.
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Not if they fit properly. I like the soft foam kind that you roll between your thumb and index
finger to remove air then insert in your ear. As they refill with air it causes them to expand
thereby filling the ear canal. The proper way to insert them is as follows : Roll plug between
thumb and index finger to remove air, with opposite hand reach over the top of head and
lift up on top of ear creating a larger opening, then quickly but gently insert hearing protector
into ear canal using a screwing motion, now leave go with both hands and enjoy the reduction
in noise and future hearing health. I used them for over 40 yrs. In my printing and bookbinding
business and also at home while sleeping or chain saws etc.

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