Why Some Students Take Up Smoking And What Effect This Can Have On Their Lives?


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Some people think that its cool and impressive to smoke. Soon this becomes a habit and they would become chain smokers. Smoking is harmful to the liver especially. They become a victim of smoking. They not only affect themselves,but also others around them. Most of the people die due to indirect smoking. So kindly advise others to limit their smoking habits.
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Students take up smoking just because they can see it that others are still smoking!!
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Most see it as a way to be "grown up" and "cool"
We all know the physical effects such as lung cancer, emphysema.
It can also shows their maturity in that they fall for peer pressure
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There are number of reasons that Teens seem to be more
abrasive when smoking or they feel like they are older and wiser when they smoke. Why do they smoke when we have seen billions of dollars spent on antismoking campaigns? The American Lung Association estimates that every minute four thousand eight hundred teens will take their first drag off a
cigarette. Of those four thousand eight hundred, about two thousand will go on to be chain smokers. The fact that teen smoking rates are steadily increasing is disturbing... We are finding out that about 80% of adult smokers started smoking as teenagers. We now see a lot of smokers giving each other rewards in social aspects such as conversations, companionships, and other common social contacts. Research has proven the fact that nicotine has the ability to suppress feelings, suppress appetite for food, is used as stimulation after
sex, and is a good way to relax from troubles and feelings of
insecurities.  People that smoke go to designated areas and congregate around the one that has the light, even when the weather is sub-zero. There they are huddled up against each other in an area, taking in the last drag before the break is over, or they find some kind of shelter to smoke their cigarettes. ..Teens like to act as if they are someone special or dangerous. By smoking they can act on those feelings. Because it is so forbidden it becomes more alluring to teens. Some teens are reluctant at first. The problem is that when they take
that first puff, they can become addicted. The idea that they are breaking the law or going against their parents and schools is an addiction within itself. Kids like to get attention; it does not matter if it’s good attention or bad attention. They crave attention and by smoking they get big attention. The other teens look at them in all kinds of ways and the adults get upset and don’t know what to do.
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Write an article about smoking some students
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Really there are more of student take up smoking and drink kohol that what made student so addicted....of cauces who make student take up smoking is doesn't find work and lack ok job in morocco for selve that problems should parents.accossiation work together to creat good health and abserve on our centry from take up smoking
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The most students think their can be more cool and more developments if they tqke up smoking
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If you mean the effects of  a student taking up smoking they are as follows :))
it can raise a person's blood pressure and heart rate
Decreases a person's blood flow to  fingers and toes.
Weak sense of taste and smell.
Shortness of breath.
Really bad  coughing.
Reduced  fitness.
Yellowish stain on the smoker's fingers and teeth.
Smokers more prone to  coughs and colds compared to non-smokers.
Weakened immune system so takes longer to overcome minor illnesses.
Impotence for men, infertility for women.
Look older

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