What Causes Toes To Curl?


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There are numerous reasons why toes may curl, some of these conditions are avoidable and treatable whereas others are hereditary.

Some factors that cause toes to curl are as follows:

• Socks are too tight and so grips the toe ends
• Shoes are too small and so pushed up the toes
• Arthritis
• Some people are born with minor toe deformities
• Stress can also make people constantly curl their toes
• Pain can make your toes curl

If you are worried about your toes being curled then it is best to head to a doctors as soon as possible. They may well refer you to a foot specialist that is called a podiatrist but it still worth heading to a doctors first as it is cheaper to be referred than to go privately to a podiatrist.

If you think your curled toes maybe down to the fact your socks and shoes are too tight then of course the best thing to do is to get some better fitting socks and shoes. This could make the world of difference and you should see a great improvement in the matter of weeks.

Also many people who are stressed can grind their teeth at night and also curl their toes. Therefore seeking advice and help to tackle this stress could actually dramatically improve curled toes.

Obviously, if it is heredity or a symptom of arthritis it is more difficult to resolve but corrective measures can still be taken so it is worth asking the doctor what may help to combat curled toes.
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Many muscular and neurological diseases can cause that because of short tendons. If they are clenched because of tight tendons you might have short plantar tendons. But you can also get hammer toes which is a deformity caused by snug shoes at the toes. If you don't have enough room for your toes then you can have toes that look clenched. If they feel tight and you can't straighten them then it could simply be a spasm but most cases have short tendons that cause the toes to curl.
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I have  no I dea as mine do the same just that I dot know I'm doing it and I can't get any help from anyone or anything ive been trying to standing on my toes lol but that doesn work and I can't think of anything else please help someone

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