What Are 5 Possible Effects Of Rubella On The Growth And Development Of The Foetus?


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Rubella is just another name for German measles. It is caused by a virus known as rubella and is characterized by symptoms like headache, fever, rash, and inflammation of the throat. It is a contagious disease and is also known as the three day measles. The virus of this disease enters the body through the nose or the mouth. Another name for rubella is epidemic roseola.

This disease can cause adverse effects if contracted during pregnancy particularly in the first trimester. It can cause damages to the foetus and cause disabilities in the unborn child. Generally it affects the areas of vision, hearing and heart of the child in the womb of the mother suffering from rubella or German measles. The effect or the deformities caused in the child also differs in the different stages of pregnancy. Unfortunately there is no cure for rubella and it can only prevented through vaccination.
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The five possible effects that can happen because of the rubella virus include impairment of ears, nervous system, eyes, brain and heart.

You can find that many of the children have sensorineural hearing loss and not only in one ear but in both, because the inner ear is being damaged because of the virus. When it comes to the eyes, you will find that even babies are born with cataracts in both the eyes and sometimes some other visual problems. Rubella virus has its effect on heart also and brain and nervous system are affected too but the effect may vary from individual to individual.

So it is advisable that you should take extra precaution not to catch with this virus as it can effect the next generation also.

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