What Are The Possible Causes Of Sweat Smelling Like Vinegar?


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It's not that uncommon.

There is actually something called the "Hendry" scale to describe how much someone stinks. Stage 3 (the worst) is stinking like vinegar.

Personally, I don't think it does smell like vinegar. I think it smells like onions. But obviously the human nose is a fickle thing and people find sweat comparable to other things.

Sweat does contain sugars; vinegar (the real stuff) is just sugars gone off but not quite completely. So the comparison to vinegar is more apt, as its bacterial by products that you smell when you think you smell sweat.

Sweat itself doesn't smell, it's those bacteria that eat the sweat that you actually smell when someone has B.O.

It seems strange, but applying a spoonful of vinegar topically under the arms (either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar are recommended) can actually help reduce body odour. The real vinegar helps to reduce the pH of the skin; so the bacteria that feed on sweat (making it smell) then can't live there.
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Sweat of many people has propionic acid. Acetic acid is present in Vinegar. Propionic acid is chemically similar to acetic acid. That is why smell of sweat of some people is like vinegar.
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It could be a medical condition.  I don't think the person has a problem with BO.

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