If you have a penis thats over 7 1/2 inches long is that small?


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Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Yes compared to the blue whale which on average reaches 8 feet long.
Czar Kozy Profile
Czar Kozy answered
Very small indeed.
Under 14 inches you don't qualify.
Lola A. Profile
Lola A. answered

Lmao no, it's not. 5 or 6 is average so, you're fine. It's above average. Most women would definitely be impressed.

niki ram Profile
niki ram answered
That's not small at all...david is right 6in is average having that extra inch and a half will most certainly serve you well !
joan saviour Profile
joan saviour answered
I heard that sperm whale have the biggest deck

well 7 1/2 comparison will be something like tvs scooty pep and Antonov 500

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